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70-MW Long-term Energy Storage Project Signed on in California

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Renewable energy sources are the way forward, and energy projects focus on that direction. Recently, Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) is a public agency that has made a name in sourcing “clean electricity” at competitive prices to consumers. The number of consumers concerned about the carbon footprint of their energy consumption is rising. Even if consumers are not going out of their way to seek sustainable energy sources, they would prefer to opt for the option if the opportunity presented itself. As a result, the Agency has had success in its clean energy projects. The Agency serves communities in California, is under the administration of a board and operates locally.

CCCE keeps the local electricity rates affordable for its consumers while funding energy innovation designed to reduce carbon emissions. All revenue generated by the authority is directed towards developing new ways to implement its “clean energy” mission and kindle economic growth in the process. The CCCE provides affordable electrical solutions to agricultural, commercial, and residential clientele in counties like San Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Currently, the authority serves around 400,000 throughout Central Coast with a vision to provide cheaper, sustainably soured electricity to as many sites across California as possible.

“California Community Power” (CC Power) has agreed to a “Storage Service Agreement”

There’s more good news coming out of California for solar power. Recently the board for “California Community Power” (CC Power) has agreed to a “Storage Service Agreement” in collaboration with “Rev Renewable”. The agreement will cover long-term storage of 69 MW/552 MWh! The project’s contours are still in the works, but the project is set for completion in 2026 and will be set up in Kern County, California. The project will have a CAISO grid.

According to the CEO of Silicon Valley Clean Energy and Chair of the California Community Power Board, the project was a long-duration energy storage solution for California. As a result, it will shift to clean energy more reliable and affordable for Californians. The transition to clean energy is the next step for the power sector. Projects like the storage agreement will bring about essential changes in the way energy consumption aligns with reduced carbon emissions at the right time. The “California Public Utilities Commission took the decision”, also known as the Mid-Term Reliability Procurement order (Decision 21-06-035), which binds all CPUC-jurisdictional load-serving entities to acquire power from storage facilities that can discharge electricity for at least eight hours. The recent agreement complies with the requirements of the decision.

The effort to procure viable long-term energy storage solutions that are cost-effective was already under process before CPUC issued the new directive. The CC power members issued a request for offers (RFO) in October 2020.

Even though the participation in the RFO is entirely voluntary for CC power members, the turnout was excellent, with several agencies taking part. Agencies like Sonoma Clean Power Authority, CleanPowerSF, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, Peninsula Clean Energy, Valley Clean Energy and many others participated. All the participants will get reviews and approvals from their own locally elected boards. Another significant aspect of the “Tumbleweed project” is the adherence and commitment to a “Project labor Agreement” that will ensure apprenticeship programs, job creation, and market-compatible wages for the workers hired for the project’s construction.

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