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lg neon h built to last

LG Electronics has just made waves with its new series of solar panels designed to cater to the Australian market. The solar panels have a gap-free design for maximum utility and employ half-cut cell technology for the solar cells. The cells are an innovative step towards better efficiency and productivity. The cells boast higher power output and longevity; LG offers a 25-year warranty against the panels. The LG NeON H solar panels have propelled the South Korean company to the forefront of the market. According to the company, the previous models in the series were not as lasting and did not offer the carbon-free energy benefit of the NeON H model.

a Vast majority of the solar panels for residential or commercial use in the market utilize positive-type cells that are not as efficient. What sets the N-type cells apart is their sophistication and an impressive temperature coefficient of minus 0.33% per degree Celsius in a bifacial cell structure. These cells can absorb sunlight from the front and rear sides of the solar panels, increasing the output and reducing power loss; a panel with 120 cells has the capacity to produce 390 watts of power. In addition, the N-type cells are durable resistant to weather tear and light-induced degradation (LID), a common problem in solar cells post-installation.


If certifications are anything to go by, TÜV Rheinland and UL international have certified LG’s in house solar testing facilities. Furthermore, according to internal tests by the company; the operative efficiency for LG neon H panels is 90.6%! So it’s no surprise that the company was optimistic when projections predicted that the panels would retain this level of performance even after 25 years of constant use.

The company is ecstatic with its innovation; The cells offer a step in the right direction for sustainable energy options. The cells are renewable, efficient and just good for business. There is no doubt that as far as solar energy solutions go, LG has outdone itself, and it is the best model for a solar panel that the company has to offer. On average, a 10 KWp of a half-cut cell panel that form the NeON H model can generate an extra 32,632 KW/h more than the conventional models over a span of 25 years.

The neon H model is more cost-effective and efficient in the long run and offers better thermal stress resistance. By

According to LG’s predictions, residential solar-powered systems are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The company approximates that residential demand can touch 15 KWp in the future, and the design of their latest series has been done with this information at the backend. NeON H focuses on maximisation of cell space and predicting future needs, pillars for the development of solar technology.

What’s more?

The 25-year warranty is an excellent bargain for the residential consumer; it reflects the company’s confidence in its product. So much so that LG announced the next in line, “NeON H BiFacial”, and their commercial solar range with the launch of the NeON H. The BiFacial series has three newer models with dual absorption (front and back of the panels) 440 W, 445 W, and 445 W. LG has claimed that their range has 30% higher energy under optimal installation conditions compared to other options in the market. In addition, the commercial line boasts higher energy returns; with an efficiency increase of 21.4%, LG’s is offering 460W, 465W and 470 W models.